JM-Data: The Company

JM-Data has been providing reliable ICT services for our clients for well over 20 years.

We always strive for quick, efficient, reliable and high quality personal service to meet our clients' business needs — so you can focus on running your operations with minimum trouble or downtime.

Our office resides in the Kilo district of Espoo, the western neighbour of our capital city Helsinki. We have clients in various locations in Southern Finland, as well as clients with employees working from abroad. JM-Data also works as a local subcontractor for international organizations, and we provide local ICT support services when needed.

Remote Support

We provide remote support for our pre-existing clients using the Teamviewer app.

Click on the Teamviewer link to download a file that you can run on your Windows workstation. We can also provide a Mac version if needed. Please let us know via a telephone call or email if you need remote support for your Mac or Windows computer.

The Teamviewer Quick Support software for your workstation can also be downloaded via the Etätuki link of our website's top navigation menu.


You can find our Contact Information at the very bottom of this page.

Support & Administration

The first objective in our ICT administration service is to ensure that our clients' information systems operate reliably.

The first step with a new client is to make sure that the documentation for the client's information systems is current and comprehensive. The availability of well-maintained documentation cuts down on expenses by making troubleshooting and maintenance tasks that much more efficient.

We do ICT maintenance and administration both as a local service and remotely. Generally remote support is both faster and more cost-efficient for our clients, which is why it is usually the primary method we employ.

For our contract clients, the primary channel for contacting our support services is via a telephone call.

Whenever assistance via telephone call or by a remote support session is not enough to provide a fix for a troubleshooting issue a client is facing, a person from our team will drive in and tackle the issue on-site.

Additional services we provide
  • Device sales - we sell ICT devices such as computers, printers, and local network devices. Our delivery times are quick, and prices affordable. We handle the installation for any purchased devices as needed.
  • Replacement device services - whenever the unexpected happens and a user's device breaks, we can affordably rent out replacement devices, ensuring that our clients can continue working with minimum downtime. In case our client loses Internet connectivity at their place of work, we can quickly provide a replacement connection using 4G technology.
  • F-Secure data security services
  • SuomiCom network services


We develop customized software solutions for our clients' needs. Some examples would be software for customer management, project management, document management, quality control, technical planning, production planning, monitoring and maintenance, sales and invoicing.

Microsoft Visual Studio programming

  • Also web-based applications


  • Access
  • Excel
  • Word
  • PowerPoint

Moving & IT

We have a lot of experience with moving ICT systems and devices from our small and medium size busines clients' offices and into their new ones. The offices we have helped moving have spanned from the size of 3 employees up to 60-personnel offices.

Generally our clients mainly need help with moving their network devices, WiFi systems and server devices, but at other times our clients want help with moving each employee's workstation into their new office. We also help with dealing with the Internet service operators when necessary.


Our consulting services can be focused either on a clients' whole information system, any particular area within it, or on solving a specific problem.

As a first step, we sort out the current state of our client's information systems and what needs for development and improvement there may be in these systems. We can use this information to further develop these systems, so that they support our clients' operational and business needs as well as possible. One area that is paid special attention to are possible future needs for expanding and scaling operations.

Our ICT administration and maintenance service can also be employed for carrying out improvement or development plans and needs observed during the consulting process.

Business center local network auditing

We have expansive experience with auditing and surveying local networks in our clients' offices and business centers.  A client may have need for surveying the local network connections in a single storey of a building, or there might be a need to have a look at improvement plans during a renovation. We do comprehensive documentation for the local network and technical facilities of our client's offices or business centers as necessary.

Our partners

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